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Haines receives Silver Award in the Healthier US School Challenge
Silver Award in the Healthier US School Challenge

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This website is just one of many opportunities for communication between Haines School, students and their parents.  It is intended to provide beneficial information regarding policies, procedures and programs at John C. Haines.

There are many options for parents to become involved in their child’s education.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teachers and the school administration whenever they have questions, comments and concerns.

We encourage you to become active participants in your child’s school.  Come out and share your suggestions for school improvement and increase your knowledge about various topics sponsored by teachers and parent organizations.  Visit the Parent Center and become more familiar with Haines Local School Council, Parent Advisory Council and Bilingual Advisory Council.  You are invited to their meetings each month. 

Parents, guardians, grandparents and other interested citizens are encouraged to participate in the educational experiences of children through our volunteer program.  Please contact us at 773-534-9200 for further information.

Welcome to HainesJohn C. Haines School Vision/Mission Statements

Haines will provide a safe learning environment; offer a rigorous, instructional program with a focus on Literacy, critical thinking and continued improvement thus preparing students for college and career goals. Additionally, Haines will offer experiential educational experiences that are accessible to ALL students including students whose second language is English and those with unique needs, while ensuring character, social and emotional development of the whole child, fostering 21st century global learning skills and celebrating diversity.

Haines will sustain a literacy, math and science rich curriculum focused on effective, research-based instruction. Haines will utilize emerging technologies,
innovative practices and yield various resources to provide students with additional learning opportunities and services inside and outside of the traditional school setting.

The LRE mandate requires that to the maximum extent appropriate, students with disabilities, including students in public or private institutions or other care facilities are educated with students who are not disabled.  Removal of students with disabilities from the general education classroom should occur only when the nature of severity of the disability of the student is such that education in the general education class with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily

The Board of Education approved an Arts Education Plan with the goal of providing every CPS student with a robust experience in the fine and performing arts. This plan includes a commitment to weekly arts instruction, a strengthening of relationships between CPS and Chicago’s cultural institutions, and the inclusion of an Arts Liaison in every school.

John Charles Haines Elementary School has achieved Creative Schools Certification. This designation makes us eligible to receive funding to help support our arts programs throughout the school year. We are committed to elevating the arts by providing your students with a comprehensive arts education. To this end we have added a music program and continue to offer Technology and Media Arts as part of our Arts Education Plan. We are working to integrate the arts into other subjects such as math, reading and science to  develop the creativity, innovation, critical thinking and communication skills that will make them successful in the future.

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