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1st Quarter 2014 Honor Roll, Effort Roll & Perfect Attendance

2014 Winter Celebration

Congratulations to Room 202 and Ms. Perthel- Read to Succeed Contest winner!!

Achieve 3000 had a contest among the Haines School classes. Room 202 was able to have 100% of the students complete the most assignments during a span of about a month.

Students received glow in the dark sticks, buttons, car decals, pens and flashdrives/flashlights.

Congrats to 4th grader, Catherine Moy in Room 203.. She is this week’s Chicago Public Schools Winter THINK-a-Thon

She received a $15 Fandango e-Gift Card


Blast Off! Chicago Public Library-Children’s Services is pleased to announce The 2014 Winter Learning Challenge is ready for take-off!

Children will also be able to receive their logs in all libraries and downloadable at starting December 15 and running through January 5, 2015. This self-paced Learning Challenge is intended to help children up to age 14 stay engaged in learning activities during the winter break.  The Challenge consists of the following:

• Read for 20 minutes a day for at least 5 days

• Discover new information about space by doing 1 activity

• Create 1 story or piece of art

Learn about stars, moons, planets and more by visiting theBlast Off! Winter Learning Challenge Guideat starting on December 15. All children who complete the Challenge will be awarded a prize book. The Winter Learning Challenge is supported with a generous grant from The Brinson Foundation through the Chicago Public Library Foundation and is available online and in all CPL locations. For more details, all Children’s Services at 312-747-4780 or email at






• 每天至少閱讀20分鐘,每星期至少5天

• 通過做1活動,體驗太空的新知識

• 創建1層或一件藝術品

了解更多有關星星,月亮,行星的知識,請到 網站 的Winter Learning Challenge Guide!這冬季學習挑戰是通過芝加哥公共圖書館「布林森基金基金會」慷慨捐贈,所有從12月15日開始活動和完成挑戰的孩子, 將獲得書籍作獎品。冬季學習挑戰是支持通過芝加哥公共圖書館基金會慷慨捐贈的布林森基金會可在網上,有關詳細情,請聯系芝加哥公共圖書館312-747-4780或發送電子郵件至

Haines School's Reason of the Season Kickoff.... 
Homerooms 315 and 307 - November 2014

The 5th grade students in Ms. Yau's class (315) and the 8th grade students in Ms. Mason's class (307) organized and collected food items to donate to the Pacific Garden Mission in the spirit of the holidays. Special thanks to all the wonderful Haines teachers, staff and students who helped bring in food items, make posters, and deliver the food. More than 800 total food items were collected! 









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